The Back Cover and Why It’s So Important

So, You’ve Finally Finish Your Book. Now What?

Many self-published authors spend months writing, obsessing over, and finally completing their book only to overlook the importance of a professional and polished back cover.

As a voracious reader of self-published books, I spend several hours a week on Amazon scanning the back covers of newly released novels. If the back cover is poorly written or has grammar problems or misspelled words, I will mentally tick it off as “not worth my time” and move on to the next book in line.

The back cover is the first thing that most readers will see making it one of the best and cheapest advertisement tools that an author can have.

 So, what am I looking for when I read the back book cover?

First, and foremost, I am looking for something wonderful to read. I often read for three to four hours in one sitting, and I don’t want my precious reading time wasted.

Here is what I look for when I am choosing a book:

  1. The back cover should be about two to three paragraphs of the most engaging plot points. You have about 250 words to convince me to read your book so make every word count. Rambling for four or five paragraphs is not convincing. When I see a long and disjointed synopsis, I skip it and move to the next book choice.
  2. The synopsis must be free of misspelled words and grammar errors. This is very important. If you can’t write a few easy-to-understand paragraphs that are error free, there is no way I am going to waste my money and buy your book. Not only is your back cover a sales tool, it is also an example of your writing style and knowledge of good writing techniques.
  3. Sell the narrative arc without deceiving your reader. I will never read another book by an author who intentionally dupes me into buying a book with a misleading book synopsis.
  4. Don’t write a detailed author bio on the back book cover. Focus on the plot not the author, I don’t care about the author if the plot doesn’t interest me.


    • I do read a lot of self-published books. I often wonder if new authors understand the importance of the back cover. There are thousands of books out there and the back cover is how I choose which to read.


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