Homemade Book Covers

As I browse Amazon’s kindle store, my subconscious sifts through all of the unappealing book covers and stops only on those that present eye-catching covers. Why is that? Well, because readers really do judge a book by its cover, and I am no exception.

There are thousands of self-published books in any given genre. To stand out and attract readers, your book needs a cover that reflects the quality of its contents. Amateur book covers that scream, “self-published” are not a successful sales tactic.

Amazon doesn’t distinguish between traditional and self-published books when providing search results. An unprofessional book cover that is surrounded by books with eye-catching covers will not seduce many readers.

Unfortunately, too many independent authors ignore the importance of a professional book cover. This may be due to lack of funds or possibly a rush to publish. Either way, and regardless of the reason, homemade book covers can ruin sales and unduly influence potential readership.


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